Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand
Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand
Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand
Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand
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Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand
Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand
Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand
Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand

Yamaha B2 SC2 Silent Piano Second Hand

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We currently have an incredibly rare secondhand opportunity of a Yamaha B2 fitted with Yamaha's signature B2 SC2 silent piano system, allowing for 24/7 headphone play without the worry of disturbing others. 

Personalised piano packages can be put together with this piano, such as an upgraded piano stool. If you are interested please enquire for more details!

Yamaha B2 Upright Piano

The B2 is the first of Yamaha's pianos to feature a solid spruce soundboard, offering an improved dynamic range over the smaller B1, and a more traditional cabinet style. This model offers a nice price-to-performance balance in Yamaha's entry-level series.

Built in Yamaha'™s Indonesian factory in Jakarta, the B2 sits in the middle of the b-series lineup. This factory has the same class-leading CNC processes found in their flagship factory in Kakegawa, and the b-series features some improvements that have trickled down from the development of their flagship CFX concert grand piano.


The Yamaha B2 has Yamaha'™s signature cleanness of tone; the sustain of each note is very straight, and the piano completely avoids being muddy which makes it rather versatile. The B2 is the first piano in Yamaha'™s lineup to feature a solid spruce soundboard (denoted by the '˜e'™ suffix) which gives a better dynamic range than the smaller B1 and goes quite some way to justifying the additional cost. The B2 is only 4cm taller than the B1 at 113cm, but has a bigger appearance thanks to its rectangular body shape and toeblocks.


Yamaha pianos are a favourite amongst piano teachers, as Japanese pianos have relatively heavy key actions. The extra strength required to play can be extremely helpful for building dexterity more quickly, especially during scales and finger exercises. Another helpful benefit is that it becomes far less likely for a performance piano to be heavier in touch, meaning that a player won'™t get exhausted during the course of an examination.


Ultimately, the b-series pianos a designed as a starting point for people to kick off their musical expedition, and the B2e gives a nice balance of price-to-performance (thanks to the improved soundboard) to take someone through to Grade 5. It'™s an instrument that we always recommend renting; this then gives you the option to upgrade to a piano with a wider musical colour pallette as demands for musicality and interpretation increase into later grades and diploma-level exams.


  • Height - 150cm
  • Width - 113cm
  • Depth - 54cm
  • Weight - 207kg


    113 cm
    54 cm
    150 cm

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