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Welcome to a new world of piano pioneering...Introducing Ritmüller by Pearl River.

The ultimate contender for a high quality, acoustic and positively European sounding instruments that offers an incredibly desirable price point and exceptional levels of production. The Ritmüller piano lineup is full of character, charm and a warming tone that will leave you coming back time and time again, inspiring year after year of play.

Sleek, Stylish and Sophisticated

 Founded in 1795 in Gottingen by Andreas Georg Ritmüller & his son Gottlieb Wilhelm Ritmüller, Ritmüller pianos originated with the pursuit of passion in mind. This philosophy still drives their decision making today, and despite now being made by the world's largest piano manfacturer, Pearl River, Ritmüller still holds incredibly true to it's German heritage. Learn more about the heritage of Ritmüller here.

Across the world, Ritmüller pianos are known for being sublime acoustic instruments that brilliantly hold their tone and offer an incredibly cost effective way to introduce European tonality into your home. Their slightly heavier touch helps drives a further sense of power into your play, making this piano brilliant in the bass and mid ranges and ideal for beautiful transitions between pianissimo and fortissimo styles of play.

Authentically German Engineering

Despite being manufactured in Asia, Ritmüller pianos carry an iconic European tone. The brilliant use of traditional manufacturing techniques with modern computer precision and masterful Asian technology positions themselves in an incredibly unique place compared to many other piano brands. The result, an instrument that exudes culture and class whilst maintaining a significantly lower price point than other European brands.

Undertones of Germanic heritage still ring true though, from strings to hammer felts, the Ritmüller brings with it a signature sense of warmth and romanticism that makes it ideal for both classical and jazz playing styles.

Whether it be the EU110, that beautifully introduces the range or the almighty RS122, the Ritmüller range truly does hold something for everyone. Each brings with it their own unique flare and sophistication to the Ritmüller sound whilst offering a seamless and subtle playing style that truly allows you to bring out the nuance in your play.

Crafted with
diligence, precision and a vast attention to detail.

As we move throughout the Ritmüller range, we unlock increasing levels of expressive features, subtle nuances in the design and alterations in the manufacturing process. Meaning that there truly is a Ritmüller for all requirements. If it's a contemporary sleek modern cabinet design you are looking for, the EU112 is a sensational choice, or if it's is exceptional power that you are looking for, the RS122 will be the right option for you.

Where Tradition Meets Modern Living

Fitted with both modern and traditional cabinet designs, the entire Ritmüller range will help inject a sense of sophistication and class into any home. For those who adore the nostalgia and elegance of a piano with casters and legs, the EU110, EU118 and RS122 all feature sleek, curved legs that help draw all eyes to this piano. 

For those who prefer a sleeker feel to their piano, or those who are looking for a more modern feel, the EU112's legless design with sliders may be a more suitable choice. Polished with slick ebony finish and supplied with a combination of top quality mahogany and tonewoods, every single model in the Ritmüller range draws the eye in with a sense of intrigue and curiosity. 

Unique Craft For A Unique Sound

The Ritmüller range is littered with unique features and pin point craft accuracy.

One of our personal favourite features of the Ritmüller range is the soundboard: All spruce with core assembled with vertical grain, these soundboards are crafted to provide maximum tonal response and structural integrity. Ritmüller takes pride in using state-of-the-art kilns to dry their woods. However, there is much more to “seasoning” woods than that. Both before and after the kiln drying, the woods are expertly cured to specific moisture contents, which reduces the natural tendency for wood to swell and contract with humidity fluctuation.

This attention on the soundboard combined with specially selected hammer felt, help create excellent balance of elasticity and firmness, formed to produce a rich assertive tone that is enhanced by German wire strings. 

Slow close fall boards also add not only an added level of sophistication to these instruments but make them particularly safe for young learners or those with delicate hands. Slow close lids on acoustic instruments are rather uncommon on instruments around this price range, so it’s an incredibly welcome touch.

Durability - Immaculate Dedication To Detail

Built using over 200 Years experience and built using traditional German techniques, Ritmüller pianos are built to last an continue to inspire play for years to come. Sustainable production processes are also used in the manufacturing of Ritmüller instruments in order to use resources sparingly and responsibly.

Constant Innovation - Soft Fall Lids

A number of the models in the Ritmüller lineup feature innovations to make your life easier. For example both the EU118 and RS122 feature soft fall close lids, making them safe for your learners to avoid any trapped fingers!

Sensational Touch And Tone - Warmth And Wonder

Full of power, each Ritmüller piano does what many other competitors struggle to achieve, to create a well rounded tone that excels in the bass and mid ranges. Where some pianos around this price point feel rather 'bright' or 'empty', the Ritmüller exudes a sound that captures clarity and definition with every key.

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