Why You Should RENT An Instrument

Why You Should RENT An Instrument

If there’s one thing that we LOVE it’s giving people the opportunity to fulfil their musical dreams. For many people, buying an instrument can seem like a rather intimidating and inaccessible experience: What if I don’t like it after a few months? What if I lose interest? What if I decide I prefer another instrument?

All great questions and definitely things you should know before buying! Not to worry though, That’s why we want to welcome you to the wonderful world of INSTRUMENT RENTAL!

As part of our ‘Try January’ promotion to encourage more children, teens and adults to finally take up an instrument they’ll love for life, we’d love to help explain why renting an instrument could be absolutely perfect option for enhancing your musical journey.

Swap Anytime!

Decided that the cello isn’t for you after all and you’d rather learn the flute or piano? No problem! With our rental schemes, you can do exactly that! All of our rental schemes are flexible and tailored to suit you before you commit, so that way there’s no surprises down the line! That way you’ll have full flexibility to swap out your instrument once your contract comes to an end and either send it back to us or try something new!

Try Instruments You Would Never Think Of Trying!

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to buy an acoustic piano, or even a grand piano outright. But we don’t believe that is a reason to not experience these incredible instruments and discover your own musical potential!

For those who have always dreamed of having these incredibly high end instruments in their living rooms, practice spaces, or even bedrooms rentals can be a fantastic option for you to still discover your potential without breaking the bank!

Money Back-Rental

So let’s say you’ve been renting a Yamaha B1 upright piano for a few months, play it every night, love it and decide you simply can’t do without it! With our money back-rental scheme you can not only own that piano for yourself, but we’ll even take off the money you’ve already spent trying it out!

Our standard terms for our Money Back Rental are that you receive a money back percentage of rental monies paid as follows:

  • Up to 6 months - 100% back
  • Up to 12 months - 70% back
  • Over 12 months - 40% back up to half the value of the instrument

Upgrade as you develop

If you’ve only just started playing, chances are that you’ll be wanting to use a piano designed for exactly that. After a year or two though, you may find that you are ready to introduce more expression into your playing and are ready to upgrade to the next level.

This is absolutely no problem and really where rental comes into its own! As your contracts are flexible you can upgrade your instrument as your playing also improves and you begin to develop your own style, giving you more flexibility and more peace of mind knowing you are using the right instrument for you!

So why not try something new this year and give rental a try today?! It might just change your life!

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