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We want to help share the power of music.  Renting an instrument is a fantastic choice for those who perhaps are either just starting their musical journey and are not set on buying an instrument yet, or for those who have always dreamed of having the flexibility of renting an upright piano or even a grand in their home! With our unique Money Back Rental Scheme, you can too!

With our rental schemes, you do not need to make the full commitment of buying a full instrument. Instead, you are able to rent it from us and if 6 months or even a year down the line you decide this IS the instrument for you, you're more than welcome to buy it from us! We'll even take some of the payments you've already made off of the overall price (Terms and conditions apply)!

Likewise, if you decide after a while that you would like to try a new instrument, or send your instrument back to us, no problem! That's what renting is all about, giving you the flexibility to discover and try some amazing instruments to enhance your playing experience!

We have helped thousands of customers rent their dream instrument over the years and we're so proud our scheme has helped give more people access to musical instruments they would never have dreamed of having in the past!

In order to proceed with your application we require a few details and because rental is a regulated, financial product, as you can imagine there are a few more details that we need than for an online sale, but don't worry, our team will walk you through every step!

You will be required to sign a contract if you choose to proceed and must be 18 years or over to do so.

What to Expect

Once you have filled out the form our team will review and be in contact within 24 hours, usually we will aim to contact you with 1-2 hours of our normal operating times. We want to make sure we have found the perfect instrument for you so will run through your application, answer any more questions you might have and if you choose to proceed, we'll issue you a secure e-contract to sign and verify your ID. You can cancel your application at any time up until the items are dispatched or are collected. 


Boxed items such as saxophones, flutes, clarinets and violins can still be sent nation wide. We are looking to expand this service as soon as we can.


Delivery Details

We are able to ship smaller items such as violins, clarinets, flutes, trumpets, etc as well as portable pianos via our courier delivery service. However some larger items such as cellos, double basses, and home pianos may be restricted to certain areas or be subject to a surcharge. Acoustic pianos can be shipped nationally.

If you fill out the application form one of our team will contact you to discuss and you are under no obligation to proceed.


"Fast Track" Rental Option

If you do not wish to apply for our monthly payment option but would like the flexibility of a rental scheme where you can return the item at any time after the minimum period then you can apply for our Fast Track rental option. You pay the full retail value of the item as a deposit, monthly rental charges are made against this deposit but you retain the option to send the item back at any time for a refund of the balance on your account i.e. the deposit less X number of monthly charges. This does not require a credit check.

If you wish to proceed with a Fast Track option please fill out the form as normal and discuss with our team during the consultation.

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