Mozart: Piano Sheet Music Essentials

Mozart: Piano Sheet Music Essentials

To kick off this year’s classical music month and following our beginner’s guide to classical music, we wanted to help inspire your playing however we can, offering a range of the best sheet music books out there, from some of the most influential composers of all time in order to inspire your next musical journey.

That is why today we are following up on our initial spotlight focus of Beethoven with another one of the all time greatest musicians to have ever walked the earth...Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Below we’ve partnered with our friends at Presto Music in order to bring you the very best of Mozart, so whether you are a total beginner, seasoned player or even are looking for something a little different, we’ve got you covered for all of your essential Mozart pieces!

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Mozart depicted through his life

About Mozart

Born 1756 in Salzburg, the Austrian composer, widely recognized as one of the greatest composers in the history of Western music. Unlike any other composer in musical history Mozart was particularly unique as he wrote compositions and extravagant pieces for all the musical genres of his day and excelled in every one.

Across his short lifetime, he composed hundreds of works that included sonatas, symphonies, masses, chamber music, concertos and operas, each one being marked by vivid emotion and sophisticated textures within his expression and sound. These facts have all combined to make him seem the most universal of all composers; yet, it may also be said that his music was written to accommodate the specific tastes of particular audiences before his untimely death at the age of just 35.

If you would like to play like the great, or learn more about Mozart’s stylings, the following books are the ideal place to start, for any ability level!

Beginner To Easy

To kick off our list and make it as accessible as possible, we begin with those who have adapted some of Mozart’s most iconic pieces into more beginner friendly compositions. All of these pieces should be roughly suited to those either just beginning their piano journey through to around grade 3.

Mozart, W A: My First Mozart

Written with the prelude that even Mozart had to learn how to play the piano, this collection of easy works includes pieces composed by both young Mozart and by his father, for his piano lessons. This helps not only grow appreciation for the learning process, but puts the learner in Mozart’s own shoes!

Including pieces from the volume Notebook for Wolfgang alongside popular pieces by Mozart such as Ah vous dirai-je Maman (variations) and themes from Sonata in A major KV 331 and Sonata in C major KV 545.

All pieces can be played with or without a pedal.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Beginning Mozart For Piano

Perhaps as an ideal introduction for the older learner who wants to grow their appreciation for Mozart by playing simplified versions of his works, this 32 page book acts as a fun collection of more than 20 of Mozart's works arranged for easy piano, including both perennial favorites and some less well-known treasures.

Mozart, W A: The Young Mozart

Explore Mozart like never before! This book examines the early works of the artist when he was just 6-8 years old, so bring with them a sense of ease and accessibility!

The pieces in the present volume are taken for the most part from Mozart's so-called 'London Sketch Book', written on his English tour in the year 1764, at the age of just eight. There are also several earlier pieces which the young Mozart wrote in Salzburg in 1762. The original text has been retained; obvious errors in notation have been corrected, however this book offers young and older learners alike an immense level of appreciation for Mozart’s innate talents.

Mozart: First Book for Pianists

This useful series, edited by Willard A. Palmer and others, features the easiest works of Mozart. All selections are presented in their original, un-simplified form and are organized in progressive order of difficulty.

This unique way of learning and arrangement by difficulty allows students to begin playing Mozart’s works at an early stage in their studies, invigorating and inspiring them to continue their play!

Need some more inspiration? Check out our guide to the top classical pianists of all time! Or check out our piano music essentials for Beethoven here!

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Intermediate - Early Advanced Pieces

As we shift into the intermediate to early levels of advanced play, we explore different nuances and subtleties within Mozart’s stylistic and iconic method of play. These pieces are likely bet suited to those around the Grade 3-6 mark, however offer an immense level of challenge and reward with them!

Best of Mozart

This collection of 30 popular original compositions and arrangements for piano presents a selection of pieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that will delight any pianist. Besides the ‘Sonata facile’ and other popular educational pieces, this 116 page volume also contains many arrangements from various opera arias.

With fingerings and metronome suggestions added, this book truly does cater for a number of difficulties and ranges, the collection appears in a modern and user-friendly print format; it is recommended not only for teaching purposes, but to anyone who enjoys playing the piano as a hobby.

Mozart, WA: Sonata in C facile (K.545) (Urtext)

As we enter the intermediate levels, we are also able to begin to delve into solo pieces throughout Mozart’s incredibly varied career. Perhaps no better place to start here is Sonata Facile. Perhaps one of Mozart’s most famous compositions, and is beloved by teachers and educators alike for its versatility and challenge it offers.

Selected piano pieces from the Bärenreiter Urtext-program for the first time appear with fingering. The editions comprise the original Urtext of the new 'Neue Gesamtausgabe' with reliable and approved fingering by famous pianists.

Rondo alla turca from Sonata in A Major K331

From the 11th Sonato of K.331, Rondo Alla Turca is one of Mozart's most popular works...and for good reason! This is the third movement and it took its inspiration from the quasi-Turkish music that was the fashion in Vienna during the late 18th and early 19th century, so with it brings an all new side to Mozart’s incredibly varied playing discography.

Adapted purely to piano, sections of the piece imitate the bass drums and cymbals which typify the military march genre, providing a greater sense of grandeur and a rousing dynamic within your playing.

Mozart - 15 Intermediate Piano Pieces

For the true Mozart connoisseur and those who are looking to captivate his sheer variety and precision within every challenge he applied himself to, this collection features often-taught music spanning Mozart's entire career, pieces that prepare students for playing his sonatas in an accurate, engaging and highly varied manner.

From German Dance in CMajor, KV 605, No. 3, to Rondo in F Major,KV 15hh, this book offers incredible versatility in order to excel your playing potential.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Essential Collection: Mozart Gold (CD Edition)

For those looking for a true essential guide to Mozart, this collection showcases some of the most famous masterpieces by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for solo piano. In order to accompany and enhance the learning experience, this book also includes a full performance CD so you can listen along to the pieces as intended. Suitable for pianists from grade 5 standard.


Advanced / Professional Level Pieces

Within the advanced world of Mozart, we truly do explore the limitless potential of piano playing. Expression with every note, incredible nuance and even better captivation Mozart’s pure prowess when composing.

All of the books below are certainly not for the faint of heart, but with them reap the rewards of being able to assimilate the prestige of one of the greatest composers of all time.

Complete Sonatas

For the true Mozart fanatic, whilst Mozart’s piano sonatas have been part of every pianist’s repertoire. However research is ever ongoing in order to establish more accurate dating and ordering of these works. Expert examination of original documents has shown that many printed editions from the eighteenth Century give more reliable detail than Mozart’s own written scores.

Many of these works were prepared for publication by the composer himself and marked with precise indications for performance with regard to ornamentation, dynamics and articulation, giving you Mozart in his purest form, as intended!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mature Piano Pieces

Mozart's Mature Piano Pieces are published as part of ABRSM's 'Signature' Series - a series of authoritative performing editions of standard keyboard works, prepared from original sources by leading scholars. Includes informative introductions and performance notes.

We hope you enjoyed this breakdown of Mozart’s incredible works! To learn more about how to play these incredible pieces, or the kinds of instruments required to pull their immense detail, contact our experts today or visit our showrooms!



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