Amazing Ways To Upcycle Old Pianos

Amazing Ways To Upcycle Old Pianos

We often hear a lot of people ask ‘what can I do with my old piano?’ or ‘I can’t seem to get rid of my old piano?’ and they feel trapped with a piano that they either no longer want or aren’t quite sure what to do with.

This normally happens when either someone buys a poor condition piano online (read our guide to buying second hand pianos here), or they have decided to upgrade their old piano to a new one, but don’t want to see the old one go to scrap!

Afterall, pianos are incredibly sentimental beings, with thousands of hours being pumped into them and countless memories being made, it’s no surprise that many are reluctant to see their instruments simply thrown out!

That’s why today, and in the spirit of recycling, upcycling and home innovation, for those who love a bit of DIY, or are looking for fun, new and unique ways to keep a little piece of your old instrument, we thought it would be fun to showcase some amazing piano renovations!

1) Turn Your Piano Into...A Piano!

The first and perhaps most obvious renovation idea for old pianos is to see if they can be salvaged into new life! We’re all for renovating pianos and particularly for those that have been relatively well kept and serviced through their lives, a renovation may be as simple as a simple tuning or a new coat of paint! Our friends at 1066 Pianos are experts at exactly this and we’ve seen them transform even the oldest of pianos into working instruments once more!

Even fire damage doesn't stop them, just get a load of the renovation below!

We believe every instrument does deserve a second chance at life, learn more about the sustainability of second hand pianos here.

Fire damaged pianos can be restored too! (Source)

2) Drinks anyone?

Home bars are becoming increasingly popular and we’ve seen some truly amazing piano bar conversions out there! By converting an old upright piano, removing the action (a relatively easy process), sticking down the keys and creating some shelving, many piano bodies can act as beautiful bar conversions for any living space! There’s even enough room for a wine rack underneath!

Amazing home piano bar! (Source)

3) Shelving

We absolutely love the idea of taking apart a grand piano and transforming the shell and shape of the instrument into a sturdy shelving unit that really has the wow factor! Adding this into any room is not only an amazing talking point, but really shows off your musical interest in style!

We absolutely how on this example, the builder has even kept the actions and hammers in there!

What an amazing use of space! (Source)

4) Art

If you consider yourself more of a sculptur or artist, why not try your hand at using the materials in your piano as a new project! With plenty of parts, colours, textures and materials to play with, there are some sensational sculptures out there that have been created using almost only piano parts! Why not try your hand at creating something truly unique and exciting!

Incredible piano wings sculpture - available to buy here! (Source)

5) Let your imagination run wild!

Got something particularly extravagant in mind? How about an aquarium? Yes that’s right, an aquarium! Because of the durability and stability of many pianos, with even just a little tweaking and know how, even the oldest of musical instruments can be transformed into masterpieces such as this beautiful home aquarium!

Who knew fish and music went so well together! (Source)

Got an idea that you’d love to share? We’d love to see it! Whether you’ve upcycled your piano into a fully working instrument, or have done something fully outside of the box, be sure to tag us on social media!

Are you looking to upgrade your piano? Our showroom experts would love to help! We do offer part exchanges on certain, well kept pianos, so feel free to contact our experts today!

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