Inside the Casio Grand Hybrid Range - Collaboration with C.Bechstein.

Inside the Casio Grand Hybrid Range - Collaboration with C.Bechstein.

When it comes to technical innovation, one brand who is consistently pushing the limits of what it means to be able to produce a digital instrument that has all of the touch sensation of a real acoustic is Casio.

Today we are exploring the sensation that is the Grand Hybrid range. Created in collaboration with world leading piano manufacturer C.Bechstein, the Casio GP-310 and GP-510 stand as one of the most intricate, satisfying and elegant digital instruments on the market today.

These wonderful instruments feature an authentic Austrian spruce wooden key and moving hammer mechanism, producing a digital piano the revels in unrivalled quality, satisfaction and authenticity.

The Casio GP-510 In Polished Ebony Finish

The Design

In order to inspire years of enjoyable play, any piano needs to look good and give the same ‘wow’ effect that you get when you first see it in order to keep you coming back for years to come.

As with any product that C.Bechstein help produce, the best place to begin with this piano is with the cabinet. Both of these pianos adopt a seamless cabinet design with exemplary touches down to the finest detail. Sleek and flowing curves frame the keys whilst the traditional style legs on both the GP-310 and GP-510 add an increased sense of grandeur to the instrument, whilst still maintaining a sleek and stylish unit that is compact and sits excellently within any modern home.

Learn more: Explore C.Bechstein's manufacturing philosophy here.

Whilst the GP-310 is available in both satin black satin white, the GP-510 comes in a stunning polished ebony finish that is truly mesmerising to behold. The GP-510 also features beautiful golden feet detailing to emphasise its elegance even further into the eye.

The easy to navigate digital control panel located on the left side of the instrument is fully non-invasive and blends brilliantly with the rest of the design, with a minimal level of light that does not distract during play. Likewise the sound control knob on the right hand side is there for ease of access without causing problems or disruption so you won’t accidentally knock it without intending to.

Elegant Control Panels to the left and right side of the key

In terms of size, both instruments come in at W 1,434 mm x D 489 mm x H 936 mm (without stand) with a weight of 78.5 kg, making this piano more compact and far lighter than that of a traditional acoustic, without compromising on power of sound (which we’ll come onto momentarily). This means the piano can be carefully moved with somewhat ease, however still is sturdy enough to prevent any form of wobble or shake during play.

All in all, the end result is a true delight for the eyes, offering a timeless piano that does exactly what any piano should do, inspire you to keep coming back to play!

The Action

Now we’ve covered the exterior of the instrument, we can dive into what really makes these instruments so special.

Aside from a piano looking good to keep you coming back, the next most important thing is how it feels to play. We often hear stories of folks who can’t get on with digital pianos as they feel too distant from a real acoustic that perhaps they are used to playing with a teacher or in a practice hall.

This is not a problem for the Grand Hybrid range, thanks to it’s award-winning Natural Grand Hammer Action. A revolutionary piece of technology that truly propels this instrument firmly into the modern age. This new touch response system provides even greater precision than before.

The Natural Grand Hammer Action combines full-length 16 inch wooden keys (manufactured using the same Austrian spruce as that used by C. Bechstein) with real moving hammers to provide an authenticity of touch that is far beyond any other digital piano. Instead of feeling emptiness when playing, you can now truly feel the hammer striking the sophisticated sensor technology and producing the exact note you were intending.

For many this is a huge draw to the Grand Hybrid series. Being able to see visible moving hammers that captivate an audience, or opening the lid from where the beautiful tone emerges really does add a fantastic touch to this instrument that truly enhances real acoustic feel.

This exemplary innovation means that you are in full control of producing stunning contrasts in volume and expression, from the most delicate pianissimo through to the strongest fortissimo, you will have real difficulty not feeling like you are playing on a full acoustic piano. The response too is lightning fast, so even the most advanced of players will have no difficulty or restrictions to speed of play.

The Sound

Now we know how the Grand Hybrid range looks and feels, let’s talk about perhaps the most mesmerising part...The sound it produces!

Here C.Bechstein’s exquisite tonality comes into a world of its own and opens the Grand Hybrid up to harness the power of three iconic pianos from around the world.

The Berlin Grand, a balanced, elegant sound. Ideal for playing impressionistic music. The Vienna Grand, a brilliant, rich sound, loved for its wide range of expression and finally, The Hamburg Grand, an impressive low range. A warm tone great for both soft & vigorous playing. These three sound samples work in perfect harmony with you and we’re certain that there is a tone for almost any style of playing that you are looking for.

All of this sound then is projected through C.Bechstein and Casio’s innovative Grand Speaker System II, featuring all new components that optimise the dynamic range for the chosen volume of the piano. This translates into an exceptional 3-way, 6-speaker system for full atmospheric resonance and equates to over 100 Watts of sound.

The Casio GP-310 In Satin White Finish

The Verdict

For those looking for a digital piano that will never hold you back from expressing yourself, the Grand Hybrid range is an excellent choice. These revolutionary pianos give the most realistic touch that can possibly be found in digital instruments on the market today and continue to inspire and dazzle musicians across the globe.

The C.Bechstein approach to acoustic precision can truly be felt within these sensational instruments whilst combining the fantastic convenience of silent headphone play and experimental sound sampling that Casio have designed. For those wishing to compose or record, both are fully MIDI compatible dual headphone jacks allow for duet play when required.

The subtle differences to the GP-310 and GP-510 come not only from the cabinet design mentioned above, but the GP-510 enhances the resonating tonal elements and expression of the instrument with an added 35 instrument sounds and 16 piano tones (compared to the 25 sounds on the GP-310) so for those who require full experimentation and expression, the GP-510 is more akin to your needs.

Casio GP-510 In Polished Ebony

All in all however, these instruments are immaculate and almost impossible to fault. Our showroom experts love them and so does nearly any customer who comes to demonstrate one. For those looking for a truly acoustic experience with the convenience and modernity of a digital piano, the Grand Hybrid range is the perfect choice for you.

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