Inside The New Kawai ATX4 - What’s Changed?

Inside The New Kawai ATX4 - What’s Changed?

A new rendition of the Kawai ATX silent system is upon us and with them, they bring an exceptional level of technical innovation combined with musical possibility.

Part of the ‘AnyTime’ series, the new ATX4 marks the end of the ATX3 chapter and with it, Kawai have built on their exceptional prestige and added new elements of digital possibility to the acoustic market.

The Kawai ATX system allows for silent play on acoustic instruments, with the push of a button, your acoustic grand or upright piano can become a highly intuitive digital instrument that maintains the feel of a true acoustic whilst bringing forth a new wave of digital possibility and connectivity. Learn more about what silent pianos are here.

The silent systems work by pressing the middle pedal of the unit where a muting system is then lowered, acting as a hammer shank stopper to prevent the hammers from striking the piano strings, muting the piano entirely.

The ATX4 silent system is able to be fitted on the: K200, K300, K500, GL10, GL30 and GX2 pianos from Kawai.

Updates To The ATX3

The ATX3 system was released in 2018 and has since become a staple amongst the Kawai range due to its convenience, elegant design and utility, allowing players to both play without disturbing others, or being disturbed themselves.

Offering a lovely LCD screen on the side of the piano, users were able to switch seamlessly between a number of iconic piano sounds such as the mighty EX Concert Grand piano and it’s iconically warming tone.

The new ATX4 system has kept the best of the ATX3, but gone the extra mile in terms of both sound rendition and perhaps most obviously, design.

Sleeker Than Ever Before

Perhaps the biggest update to the ATX4 is the removal of the LCD cheek block unit on the side of the piano. Where previously the piano utilised the LCD screen to engage with the applications, the ATX4 has now gone fully digital and is fully controllable through apps and digital devices, meaning that the instrument has a sleek finish whilst still being able to maintain full control.

The improvement to the Kawai PianoRemote app is sensational and a true triumph of how far Kawai’s digital research has progressed over the past few years. This improvement allows for easier recordings as well as seamless personalisation of your sound from being able to change the tuning to the ambience of the sound of the instrument to create something truly unique.

This tool is an immaculate enhancement in the learning process as now you are able to play accompaniment tracks from a Bluetooth connected device, allowing you to play along with your favourite songs. Bluetooth and MIDI functionality means that now you can even send or receive MIDI data such as your recordings wirelessly with no need for cables or adaptors.

Unprecedented Sound Quality Updates

The second change to the ATX4 is the enhancements made to the SK-EX rendering piano engine and multi-channel sampling resonance and modelling. These added enhancements are subtle, but deliver an overall sound that is heavier, deeper and delivers with it a mastery of sound that is a real step up.

Want to learn more about the innovations made by Kawai or want to try the new Anytime ATX4 system for yourself? Contact our experts or visit our Cambridge showroom today!

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