This list is designed to help what we would typically refer to as 'intermediate' pianists take the next step on your playing journey. By this point, you should understand the basics of piano playing and want to add more expression and nuance into your style. 

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Getting The Most From Your Piano

Signs Your Piano Is Slowing You Down

Signs Your Piano May Be Slowing You Down

Around this level of play, we often find that many pianists are held back by their instrument's action not being sophsticated enough to keep up with their playing. Learn more about the signs that your piano may be slowing down your playing progress here.

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Upgrading your piano

Looking To Upgrade Your Piano?

The transition from beginner to intermediate player (around grade 4, 5 or 6) is typically the time that many pianists decide to upgrade their current instrument. To learn more about part-exchanging your current instrument, or options available to you, contact our experts today!

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Improving Piano Technique

Adding expression into piano playing

Adding More Expression Into Your Playing

Piano playing is about so much more than simply playing the right notes at the right time. This guide explores understanding more about adding nuance and expression into your piano playing in order to make your pieces more emotive and colourful.

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How to improvise on piano

How To Improvise On Piano

Being able to improvise a piano solo is one of the most satisfying and impressive skills for any pianist to have in their toolbox. Not only does it look incredible for onlookers, but it opens up an entirely new realm of piano playing and creativity.

Learn more about gettings started with improvisation here.

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How to memorise piano music

How To Memorise Piano Music

Many pianists want to learn their piano material off by heart so they can play their favourite compositions without the need to carry around books and scores with them.

This may sound simple, but learning to memorise music is definitely an intermediate level skill to try your hand at!

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una-corda piano pedalling

Understanding The Una-Corda Pedal

Often misunderstood as just ‘the quiet pedal’, the una corda pedal is perhaps one of the most interesting tools at a pianist’s disposal but is often overlooked.

Learn more about developing your pedalling skills here.

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Moving Your Piano Playing Forwards

keeping a piano diary

Keeping A Piano Diary

A piano diary is one of the best industry secrets and one of the best ways of keeping track of your piano playing progress and motivation levels high!

Learn the secret power of the piano diary and what it can bring to your piano progress here.

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structure piano practice

How To Structure Your Piano Practice

When you've been playing for a while, it can be easy to slip into some repetitive habits and feel like you have reached a plateau in your abilities. 

If that sounds like you, it may be time to shake up your practice routine and try something new. 

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fidning more time to practice piano

Finding More Time To Practice

Be it for an upcoming exam or as a relaxant with a glass of wine after a long week, more and more of us want to find more time to fit more piano practice into our week.

This guide will help you prioritise your time to find more time to practice piano, no matter how busy you are!

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reignite your passion for playing piano

Top Tips To Reignite Your Passion For Playing

At an intermediate level, it is not uncommon for pianists to have a sudden loss of motviation for playing.

If you are feeling stuck within your piano practice and are looking for some fun ways to reignite your passions, look no further!

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