This list is designed to help new players get started on their piano journey, offering advice on the different ways to learn piano to finding the right piano for you to get started.

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Finding Your First Piano

Buying your first piano

Buying Your First Piano

In this guide, we outline the options available for those looking to buy their first ever piano, the things to consider and differences between acoustic and digital pianos. If you have never researched pianos before want an easy place to begin, start here!

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Parents Guide To Pianos

The Parents Guide To Pianos

If you are a non-musical parent and are in need of some help to find the right kind of piano to help support your child's learning, look no further! This guide will help break down the best options available to you and explain all about how you can best prepare your child for success with the piano!

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Getting Started With Learning

The best ways to learn piano

The Best Ways To Learn Piano

From apps, to books, to online tutorials, to learning with a teacher, there are a plethora of ways to get started learning the piano and each one has their own pros and cons. This guide will explain the best options out there to getting started with piano to help find the right way of learning for you.

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how much do piano lessons cost?

How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost?

If you have decided that you would like to learn the piano with a teacher, knowing that you have found the right piano teacher for what you would like to achieve is crucial.

This guide will explain a little more about the piano teaching world, rough costs and what to ask your teacher to make sure you are right for eachother.

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Top 5 apps to learn piano

Top 5 Apps To Learn Piano

Learning piano via an application on either your phone or tablet is becoming increasingly popular due to flexibility and convenience. If you have decided to learn the piano via an application, these are our top recommendations for getting started. 

Here we break down not only the apps, but their pros and cons and how far they will get you with your piano playing.

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essential piano books for beginners

Essential Piano Books For Beginners

For many new pianists, it can be tricky finding the right books to help put you on the right track when getting started.

We understand that everyone learns in different ways, so this guide will help you find the right piano books for helping you get started whether you are 7, 17 or 70! 

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Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Playing

piano warm up exercises for beginners

Warm Up Exercises For Beginners

Much like exercising, warming up when getting started with the piano is a great way to build up good playing habits and an easy way to build your finger strength. 

These easy to follow exercises will help you get these habits embedded early on!

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guide to passing grade 1 piano

Guide To Passing Grade 1 Piano

Taking your first piano grade can be a little scary at first, but rest assured it doesn't need to be! 

This guide will help break down what you can expect from the exam and offer some guidance to help put you in the right frame of mind when going into your first exam to make things as easy as possible.

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setting yourself some piano goals

Setting Yourself Piano Goals

To keep your piano motivation at an all time high, setting yourself some goals is a great place to start your piano journey and help you focus on what you really want to achieve from the piano.

If you are in need of some inspiration for the kinds of goals that you could try setting, this guide will help!

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Playing Your Favourite Music

beginners guide to classical music

Beginners Guide To Classical Music

To the new pianist, classical music can seem a little overwhelming and confusing at first, however it doesn't need to be! 

This guide helps break down the core concepts behind classical piano and offers some guidance into getting started with classical piano playing. Even if you have never played a note before, you will be able to play some basic classical by the end of this guide!

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beginners guide to jazz piano

Beginners Guide To Jazz Piano

Looking to add a bit of jazz to your piano playing? look no further. Jazz piano is an incredibly exciting way of playing piano and with just a little know how, even the beginner pianist can get started crafting some wonderuflly jazzy pieces.

Learn moreabout getting started with jazz piano here!

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easy piano duets to try

Easy Piano Duets To Try!

Looking to play piano with a friend or family member? These easy to try duets are a fantastic way to get them involved, suited to pianists of all ability levels, these pieces will help you both get started with piano and duetting. 

Four hands are better than two after all!

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