Taken some time off from playing? No problem! Whether you used to play when you were younger, or family and other priorites got in the way, we understand that coming back to the piano after break can be a little confusing at first.

That is why we have  put together this quick list to not only help you find the right instrument for you, but also to help make the learning experience as fun and engaging as possible so you can fall in love with playing all over again!

Finding The Right Piano For Your Home

Right piano for your room

The Right Sized Piano For Your Room

If you are a non-musical parent and are in need of some help to find the right kind of piano to help support your child's learning, look no further! This guide will help break down the best options available to you and explain all about how you can best prepare your child for success with the piano!

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piano interior design tips

Piano Interior Design Tips

As pianos are just as much large pieces of furniture as they are instruments for musical creativity, they can really define the feel of a room, adding a sense of elegance and sophistication to any space they find themselves in.

Explore our guides to the different styles and finishes of pianos that you can find to help find the perfect piano for your home.

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exploring silent pianos

Exploring Silent Pianos

Many returning pianists opt for digital pianos over acoustic pianos because of noise concerns. However, for those wanting to seriously develop their playing and have the ability to practice on a quality instrument 24/7, silent pianos are a fantastic choice! 

Offering an acoustic piano touch and feel, but can be played silently when required, silent pianos are taking the piano world by storm.

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Getting Back Into It!

start playing piano after a break

Start Playing Again After A Break

There are many ways to get started with piano again, depending on what you can remember and what ability you used to play to, you may even find that you pick things up again quicker than expected.

Use this guide to help give yourself the best start!

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learning piano as an adult

Learning Piano As An Adult

If you are feeling like you need to start from scratch again, don't panic!

Learning piano as an adult actually has many advantages and with just a little structure and know how, you can master the basics of playing again in no time!

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finding more time to practice piano

Finding More Time To Practice

Trying to balance piano playing around work and other responsibilities? No problem! 

Our guide to finding more time to practice could be just what you are looking for. Full of helpful tips and tricks to help you make sure you always have time set aside to focus on you and your practice.

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essential piano books for beginners

Essential Piano Books For Beginners

We understand that everyone learns in different ways.

In order to help make playing the piano as fun and engaging for you as possible, we have put together a number of guides designed to help enhance your learning from the get go.

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