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Because No Two Pianos Are The Same...

Our Piano Showrooms Are Open!

We believe that every journey to finding the perfect instrument for you is unique.

Buying an instrument is a special moment and we want to help you have absolute certainty in your decision when buying from us.

That is why would love to invite you to visit our showroom for your own personal 1-1 demonstration with our expert team, where you'll be able to try the instrument, feel them up close and hear the intricacies of their sound.

From there, will guide you every step of the way and show you the ins and outs of these incredible instruments and how they can help you achieve your musical dreams.

Priority Appointment System

In order to provide the highest levels of service and to ensure you get the time and space you need we are now offering our Priority Appointment Service meaning you can visit us, assured that one of our team will be available to offer any help or expert advice, as well as guiding you through finding your perfect piano.

Our Showroom Experience

Our showrooms are home to a plethora of instruments, from entry level digital instruments, through to full concert grands. We believe in creating a fully personalised experience with absolutely everyone who visits our showroom. Whether this is your first piano, or you are looking to purchase an instrument for life, we want to help support every step of your journey. 

We operate on a priority appointment system in order to not only create a relaxed environment where you will be the only person in the showroom, but also to allow you to full explore the pianos at your leisure.

Upon arrival, we will begin with an initial consultation, where we get to know you, your needs and your requirements of a piano. We'll have a chat about the kinds of music you enjoy playing, where you are planning on putting the piano, how far the piano will be able to take you and any features you may need, such as silent systems or recording capabilities.

As we then guide you around our showroom, we'll help you find a number of instruments that we believe could work for you. In some respects, we often describe our showroom teams as 'the perfect waiters', we're there and on hand whenever you need any questions answering or if there is anything you'd like explaining, however when you are immersing yourself in an instrument's tonality and enjoying your play, we'll step back and leave you to it.

We believe that no two piano customers are the same and that every musical dream is different. For many, a piano is a lifelong investment so we actively encourage you to ask as many questions as you'd like. Ultimately it's not our aim to sell you an instrument, it's our aim to help keep you playing! If you'd like to speak to our experts before visiting our showrooms, contact us today.