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So you, or your children have decided to learn the piano? Fantastic!

The piano is an incredibly rewarding hobby and skill that helps in a million other aspects of life. From stress relief, helping academic studies, to developing a far deeper connection to the music that you know and love, the piano brings joy wherever it goes.

However when first getting started, things can seem a little overwhelming. With so many options available and at such varying prices, it can be difficult to understand what options are available and what the best piano could be for you, your learning and your home.

This brief guide is designed to help newcomers to the piano, or those returning to the instrument after a long hiatus aware of the best options out there for purchasing your first piano. 

Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic pianos are the most common type of piano and are usually the types of piano that are used for those who are learning with a teacher. Acoustic instruments are one of the best ways to learn the piano because they create 'real sound'. These instruments use a series of intricate parts to make up what is known as the piano's 'action'. When a key on the piano is pressed, the action moves with it and fires a hammer to strike a string inside of the instrument, causing the string to vibrate and make a sound.

Acoustic pianos generally come in two forms, upright pianos and grand pianos. Whilst grand pianos are perhaps best suited for those who are more seasoned players, upright pianos are fantastic places to start and piano journey.

Many new players, or particularly those with children are often put off buying acoustic instruments as they believe that they are not only pricey, but because they are acoustic instruments, they can create a lot of noise and perhaps don't want to disturb neighbours. However, we actually believe that going acoustic is one of the best options for a first piano. Many people are not aware that these instruments can actually be rented from as little as £20 per month, they are the best instrument to enhance your learning and can also be fitted with silent systems if needed. 

Ultimately, purchasing an acoustic piano should be seen as more of an investment for the future. These instruments hold their value far better than digital pianos and the right instrument will be able to carry you through almost your entire piano career, for those looking to purchase an acoustic instrument for the first time, a second hand pianos are also a great avenue to explore. 

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Digital Pianos

Digital pianos have become increasingly popular amongst piano players due to their reduced cost compared to acoustic instruments and also their digital features, such as headphone play and bluetooth connectivity. Digital pianos are a great choice for those who perhaps either live in flats and are not able to house an acoustic instrument, or those who perhaps want an instrument that can be easily stored away.

The first thing to note with digital pianos is that a 'digital piano' and a 'keyboard' are two very different things that often get confused, at Millers, we only sell digital pianos. To learn more about this difference, read our guide here.

The main types of digital pianos are: Portable pianos, ideal for the musician on the go, or those who live in particularly small spaces and need an instrument that can be safely stored under a bed or shelf. Home pianos are the next step up from portables and are semi-permanent instruments that can still be easily moved, but come in fitted cabinet units that allow for larger speakers and a more sophisticated action.

Whilst digital piano technology is incredible, it still is not a true acoustic and no matter how sophisticated the instrument, it is always trying to replicate a real acoustic action. For those who perhaps used to play to a high standard, we would almost always recommend acoustic instruments, however for those just getting started, digital instruments can be a great choice too.

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Piano Rental

As mentioned, many people are unaware that you can actually rent pianos from as little as £20 per month! This is one of the most accessible ways to get started with the piano as it gives yourself or your children access to a high quality instrument at an incredible rate.

Ideal also for those who are worried about their child perhaps losing interest in learning or aren't sure if the piano is the right choice for them. Our stress free rental scheme means that you can return the instrument to us after a few months if you decide it isn't for you. All of the features mentioned above can also be included on acoustic rental pianos, such as silent systems or a variety of finishes. All of these instruments are checked over by our technicians before being sent out to your home by our expert couriers.

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Ready To Get Started?

We would love to help you find the perfect instrument for you! For all acoustic piano enquiries or rental enquiries, our expert team are here to help and would love to invite you to visit our acoustic piano showrooms to find the right instrument for you.

For those looking to purchase digital instruments, we would highly recommend taking a look around our website in order to begin finding the right instrument for you, by watching reviews on YouTube and other online sources, you will certainly be able to find the right instrument for you at a fantastic rate!