C.Bechstein A160 Academy
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C.Bechstein A160 Academy

C.Bechstein Academy A160 Grand Piano

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The C. Bechstein Academy A160 Grand Piano offers a rich and colourful sound with every touch. At 160cm long, this surprisingly compacted grand piano can fit in a surprisingly small space, but don't let it's convenient size fool you, this piano still offers a sensational level of volume and tone that will be enjoyed by all those who hear it.

Warm, rich and full of personality, every note sings with the exact resonance intended whilst the stunning cabinet design and touch mesmerises both the player and audience in a torrent of celestial sound. This truly is a dream baby grand piano that is ideal for both small hall performances and every day home use. 

Premium Production Values - Made in Germany

Developed by C. Bechstein in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony, the A160 is made in Germany using a blend of traditional construction methods and advanced precision using modern production techniques. The frame is a single piece of cast iron which is CNC machined and carved for an accurate fit and high level of stability. The cabinet is laminated at 90 degrees precisely for an extremely stable and strong instrument.

At every interval throughout the production process, the temperature and the humidity are carefully regulated to ensure the piano sounds fantastic from the moment it leaves the factory, and throughout the very many years it will reside in the home or venue it is destined for.

The soundboard is one of the most important elements of any piano, and the Academy A160 certainly doesn't disappoint. The A160 uses grade 2+ spruce for the board, which is shaped by hand, as are the ribs which are fitted by hand and shaped for each individual instrument. You can really hear the difference thanks to the care and attention laid on every instrument produced.

The keys and the action on every Academy grand piano are regulated and refined throughout production once the instrument has been left to settle in a climate controlled space. This involves adjusting one of the 20 plus points of contact for each individual key. The result ensures that your piano has a precise and musical touch, and allows you to really express yourself musically with every note.

With some of the finest piano makers in the world, C.Bechstein has created a well-rounded instrument with a precise touch that any pianist of any standard can enjoy.

C.Bechstein Vario System Technology

Also available as an option on the A190 is the C.Bechstein Vario System. A digital mute that captures every detail of your playing dynamically transforming your acoustic piano into a digital instrument, empowering you to perform without disturbing anyone. Designed to be unobtrusive the control panel slides out from under the left-hand side of the keyboard, giving you a large touchscreen where you can access different instrument sounds, volume controls, recording options and other settings, this feature helps bring all of the best features of your acoustic piano into a digital masterpiece. Learn more about the C.Bechstein vario system here.


  • The overall character of a premium quality instrument with perfect voice and touch.
  • Soundboard crafted using mountain spruce grown slowly at elevations between 800 and 1,000 meters.
  • The cast iron frame is made in a special composition and formed to dampen the vibrations and boosts the strings energy.
  • The action assembly is a highly complex professional action made up of 2,000 parts and designed in accordance with C. Bechstein'™s Keyboard and Action Engineering and Geometry standards.
  • The case is manufactured from twenty top quality parts in an elegant high-gloss lacquer finish.


  • Width - 151cm
  • Length- 160cm
  • Weight - 308kg
  • Finish - Available in Polished Black, White, Walnut and Mahogany.


    151 cm
    160 cm

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