C.Bechstein Academy A208
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C.Bechstein Academy A208

C.Bechstein Academy A208 Grand Piano

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A serene sight to both the eyes and ears from any angle, the C.Bechstein A208 Grand Piano represents the pinnacle of innovative craft, delicate design and sensational sound. At 208cm (6'10") in length, the C.Bechstein Academy A208 has a plethora of room to make it's presence known. 

No note is missed as the sound balances perfectly between the bass and treble registers, with a warm, graceful tone that is full of vibrancy and colour. A beautiful instrument for any environment, this piano exudes iconic C.Bechstein energy in it's purest form and will help inspire a lifetime of play and experimentation. 

Coveted Parlour Grand Piano Stature

The A208's parlour size is part of it's magic, being a middle sized grand, this instrument is ideal for filling space in any home, rehearsal space, or even a recital hall that has capacity to house it effectively.

Highly adaptable and almost euphoric to the ear, this piano's versatility goes almost unmatched. It's broad dynamic range makes it suitable for all styles of music and for solo performances and chamber music concerts alike. The dedication to detail and touch sensitivity offers a range and playing experience that few other pianos can match, allowing a wealth of nuances to come forth in your playing. The pin point accuracy of the action on this model helps secure C.Bechstein as the pinnacle of piano engineering and it is these high-quality characteristics that make it easy to see why this model is coveted by conservatories the world over.

Elite Carefully Selected Materials

As with all instruments in the C.Bechstein Academy series, selection of materials is crucial to achieve the balanced, singing tone that you would expect from an Academy A208. No expense is spared for C.Bechstein, for example, the back posts on the A208 are made from high-quality precisely grown pinewood, the ribs and sounding board from exceptionally rare mountain spruce tonewoods to offer an unmistakable tone and clarity.

The attention to detail on this piano is so great that even those of the veneers are crafted with perfection in mind as they seamlessly blend throughout the instrument. The signature high-end iron plate of the Academy A208 is cast in sand to achieve an excellent resistance to tension and thus optimise the keynote and capacity of every touch. The capo bar and the duplex scaling integrated with the plate contribute to the piano'™s rich and colourful voice, while special agraffes limit the speaking length of the middle and bass strings. 

Bechstein Vario System Accessory

Also available as an option on the A208 is the C.Bechstein Vario System. A digital mute that captures every detail of your playing dynamically transforming your acoustic piano into a digital instrument, empowering you to perform without disturbing anyone. Designed to be unobtrusive the control panel slides out from under the left-hand side of the keyboard, giving you a large touchscreen where you can access different instrument sounds, volume controls, recording options and other settings, this feature helps bring all of the best features of your acoustic piano into a digital masterpiece. Learn more about the C.Bechstein vario system here.

Signature Features:

  • Experience the overall character of a premium quality instrument with perfect voice and touch.
  • Soundboard crafted using mountain spruce grown precisely at elevations between 800 and 1,000 meters.
  • The cast iron frame is made in a special composition and formed to dampen the vibrations and boosts the strings energy.
  • The action assembly is a highly complex professional action made up of 2,000 parts and designed in accordance with C.Bechstein'™s Keyboard and Action Engineering and Geometry standards.
  • Hammerheads made by C.Bechstein Germany delivering the best dynamics and finest nuances.
  • C.Bechstein Bridge Calibration System is made of German red beech using modern CNC technology. Precision down to a hundredth of a millimetre guarantees sensational transmission of sound and frequencies to the soundboard.
  • The cabinet is manufactured from twenty top quality parts in an elegant high-gloss lacquer finish.


  • Width - 154cm
  • Length- 208cm
  • Weight - 375kg
  • Finish - Available in Polished Black, White, Walnut, Mahogany, and special wood finishes.


    154 cm
    208 cm

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