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The Kawai K-series represents the entire range of beautiful upright pianos made by Kawai. They are lauded for their continued use of state-of-the-art materials to develop and enhance the piano’s design.

New ideas, modern technology and precision assembly.

The K-Series can be largely divided into three constituent parts: The K15e stands alone as a fabulous Indonesian-built, entry-level instrument, known for its impressively warm tone made possible by its solid spruce soundboard. Despite its compact size, it is able to produce a comparatively wide dynamic range.

However common features of Kawai K-series instruments (from the K200) include the masterfully constructed Millennium III keyboard action, mahogany-cored underfelted hammerheads, tapered solid-spruce soundboards, soft-close fallboards, and a celeste pedal that muffles the sound of the piano - often referred to as a practice pedal. Models with the ‘AS’ suffix move the celeste pedal to a lever underneath the keybed to allow for a grand-style sostenuto middle pedal.

The K-series pianos are incredible value propositions, especially with regards to the Indonesian-built instruments. They exhibit a far smoother playing experience that one would expect from this type of piano, but don't sacrifice key weighting to get there. These pianos are generally set up to be rather mellow and intimate sounding opposed to the brighter ping that some acoustics create, producing a more holistic and powerful sound.


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The K200 and K300 mark the introduction of Kawai’s Millennium III keyboard action, making use of thermoplastic polymers and carbon fibre for the action’s smallest pieces, providing enhanced durability and reliability. These represent the best uprights to come out of Kawai’s Indonesian factory.


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Durable, Reliable And Simply Breathtaking

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The K500, K600(AS), and K800AS are Japanese-built instruments that exhibit greater control, tonal complexity, and stability. These pianos are squarely aimed at proficient players and larger spaces, but are also recommended for those looking for a high-quality, long-lasting musical companion.


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