Learn more about the sensational innovations made by C.Bechstein in their pioneering VARIO & VARIO DUET silent piano systems.

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Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System
Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System

Bechstein Vario Silent Piano System


Blending two worlds of state-of-the-art acoustic and digital pianos.

Now you can transform your C.Bechstein, W.Hoffmann or Zimmermann upright pianos into silent instruments that can be played via headphones.

The new C. Bechstein VARIO digital system enhances your acoustic piano with the features of a digital instrument. You can mute your piano, listen to yourself playing on headphones, record audio files, and share them with your family and friends.

Innovators of Musical Technology & Precision

Unique sensor technology

Optical sensors placed under the keyboard detect the even finest movements of the keys without impairing your play or marring the aesthetics of your acoustic piano.

The excellent play of an acoustic upright or grand piano results from the harmony between technology and master craftsmanship. The VARIO connect system extends the range of possibilities of your instrument as it establishes connections to digital devices.

Share, learn and compose

Connect your piano to a smartphone, tablet or notebook wirelessly over Bluetooth. Travel the world of music on your acoustic piano using creative apps for learning, playing and composing.

Silence whenever you want it

Sometimes you would like to play all by yourself, or play at night without disturbing your neighbors. This is made possible by the premium C. Bechstein interposing hammer bar, compatible with every model of upright and grand. Mute your instrument in the blink of an eye and enjoy your music on headphones.

The sound of a masterpiece

Enjoy the digitized voice of the best C. Bechstein concert grand pianos on headphones. The high-quality sampled sound stands out for its purity across the entire dynamic range, making individual notes tangible.

The system features two headphones jacks, so you can play silently in duet or have a friend or teacher listen to your play.

Digital functions

The VARIO app enables you to adjust various settings (reverb algorithm, key sensitivity, favorite sounds) to your personal taste. Moreover, you can establish a Bluetooth or USB-C connection to music apps running on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

What Is The Vario System?

The best place to start when looking at the Vario system is to remember that C.Bechstein are exclusively a manufacturer of the finest acoustic pianos in the world. Unlike many other manufacturers who dabble in both digital and acoustic models, C.Bechstein believe that the pinnacle of sound can only come from acoustic origin. This is why the Vario system is so innovative, as it uses an acoustic base to hybridise the two worlds together, connecting the acoustic instrument with the digital world.

The C.Bechstein Vario system works via mute functionality whereby with the simple pull of a lever, a stop rail rolls out, preventing the hammerheads from hitting the strings and allowing for silent play without reduction in touch. Of course, with this silent functionality too comes the ability to play with headphones so as not to disturb others whilst still allowing yourself to become fully and truly immersed in sound..

How Does The System Work?

To truly uncover the immense level of technology within the Vario system, we would need an entire novel. Instead we have focused on the key framework as to why we believe the C.Bechstein Vario system is simply a silent system from another world.

The simple mechanical lever is all that is needed to activate the mute rail whilst highly sophisticated laser sensors map you play down to the finest nuance. The sound module on the left side of the piano which is then used to generate digital tone and using exceptional sound samples recorded in the C.Bechstein studio from their most prestigious concert grand piano, the D282. 

A System That Adapts With The Latest Innovations

C.Bechstein are not the only innovators in silent piano systems, however what does separate them is their constant innovation towards the future of the piano. The Vario currently is within it’s second generation and with it has brought a new wave of thinking and have created a system that evolves alongside the technology of the time.

The new generation of Vario, places an immense level of sensitivity to the pace of smartphones, tablets and connectivity of modern devices and uses an app based approach to their system, meaning that when phone or tablet hardware is updated, so too is the Vario.

All components and controls of the system and then operated via the Vario app for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

As such, C.Bechstein have created an evergreen system that will truly stand the test of time.