C.Bechstein Academy A6 Upright Piano
C.Bechstein Academy A6 Upright Piano
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C.Bechstein Academy A6 Upright Piano
C.Bechstein Academy A6 Upright Piano

C.Bechstein Academy A6 Upright Piano

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The largest of the newly crafted C.Bechstein Academy series, the A6 is a mighty instrument that blends centuries of traditional German craftsmanship and expertise with modern innovation and technological advancement in order to create simply one of the most precise and powerful instruments on the planet.

Ideal for those seeking to extract a kalidoscope of colour and tone from their playing, the A6 offers an attractive, sleek and elegant design with musical prowess to match. Easily comparible to one of their academy grands in terms of touch response, C.Bechstein have once again triumphed in creating an instrument that meets the needs of the modern pianist looking for perfection.

Raw power and emotion is inbuilt to the A6 upright piano. The significantly longer maximum string length, solid spruce soundboard and optimised cast-iron frame design made it possible for C.Bechstein engineers to improve the geometry of the soundboard and adjust the contour of the bridge to make the transfer of vibrations even more vivid. This maximises the sound and volume delivered by the popular, modern piano body with traditional elements in spectacular fashion.

Over 120 hours of hand craftsmanship are put into every A6 piano over the course of 7 rigerous months where every detail of the piano is painstakingly put through an extreme level of quality control in order to achieve perfection.


    151 cm
    62 cm
    1239 cm

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