Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano
Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano
Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano
Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano
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Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano
Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano
Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano
Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano

Kawai K15 ATX3 Silent Upright Piano

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Acoustic tranquillity; an upright piano with silencing functionality for your convenience.

The Kawai K15 ATX43 is an upright piano that beautifully blends the importance of acoustic with the convenience of digital technology. Featuring a digital module attached to the instrument that allows for silent practice whenever the player desires, the ATX3 module also helps expand your musical horizons as you can truly immerse yourself in sound via headphone play - An incredibly useful feature for those in apartment buildings, terraced housing, or for those that like to play long into the night!

Acoustic Touch, Tonality and Grandeur

Sensationally stylish and suited to any modern home, standing at 110cm with solid spruce soundboard, the Kawai K15 is an incredibly popular choice amongst the Kawai K-Series range. Renowned for expert craftsmanship that is built to last and a warm, rich tone that makes the ears tingle with excitement, these incredible acoustic pianos act as the perfect entry to mid level instrument for students and those returning to the piano that will see years of fun, enjoyment and development.

Featuring a solid spruce soundboard for fantastic acoustic projection, as well as Ultra-Responsive direct blow action, with selected hardwood hammer shanks and 100% wool felt hammer heads, providing an extraordinary touch and feel. This piano is at it's heart an acoustic sensation that will help develop playing skills and help one fall in love with piano.

88-key stereo sampling PHI sound

As we move into the digital features, this piano is equipped with Kawai's revolutionary silent system, the ATX3. A compact addon box that breathes new life and convenience into your instrument. Incorporating the sound of the world-class SK-EX and EX concert grand pianos, all 88-keys of these supreme instruments have been meticulously captured at multiple levels from pianissimo to fortissimo, and processed using Kawai'™s unique Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound technology. The result is a sound that reproduces the broad dynamic range of the original acoustic instruments with clarity and detail.

In addition, ATX3 instruments also feature 192 notes of polyphony, allowing complicated passages that require continuous use of the damper pedal to be enjoyed without notes muting unexpectedly.

Natural, acoustic piano touch '“ even when muted

ATX3 instruments incorporate Kawai'™s advanced IHSS (Integrated Hammer Sensing System) technology, utilizing contact-less optical sensors to accurately capture the subtle movements of the action hammers.

This allows the full range of expression from delicate pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo to be performed with fluency, and for the natural touch of the piano to be maintained, even when the acoustic sound is muted.

High-quality headphones included

ATX3 instruments include a pair of Kawai's SH-9 headphones, allowing pianists to enjoy the feeling of playing the piano even when the acoustic sound is muted. These headphones have also been engineered for comfort, to prevent ear fatigue when practicing for extended periods of time.


  • Compact, 110cm tall upright piano with sublime craftsmanship and design
  • Solid spruce soundboard and four laminated back posts
  • Uses Kawai's Ultra-Responsive ABS action for fast repetition and touch sensitivity
  • Anytime X4 system enabling private practice with headphones


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