W.Hoffmann P126
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W.Hoffmann P126

W.Hoffmann Professional P126 Upright Piano

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An Excellent Concert Piano that Makes Practising Fun

The W.Hoffmann P126 Professional is, as the name suggests, a professional quality Piano crafted from choice raw materials by expert craftsmen. The frame is cast at Bechstein’s Seifhennersdorf facility alongside the C. Bechstein instruments and then finished in the Czech Republic. A higher grade of wood is used for the soundboard compared to the other instruments from W. Hoffmann, resulting in a quite different tone which some have compared favourably to the higher end Yamaha uprights. The cabinet used in the W.Hoffmann P126 has a Grand Piano style side-opening lid, with two different heights of opening, giving it a choice of sounds quite different to most upright Pianos, as well as a very individual look.

The W.Hoffmann P126 the largest in the W.Hoffmann Professional series, at 126cm tall, and has all of the same features as you’ll find in the larger siblings. The same individual agraffes are fitting to ensure a clarity and definition in every note. Chrome fittings can be found all round and a silver hammered paint finish on the furan cast iron frame completes the look. The soundboard is optimised for this particular instrument, and the back frame is made from reinforced beech for the best possible rigidity in this cabinet.

A concert piano with a great touch for accomplished pianists and music lovers

The action of the W. Hoffmann P126 is engineered by C. Bechstein with optimised lever ratios, and anti-slip key surfaces. The hammers are made from mahogany for a more powerful sound. Every action is individually regulated and voiced the specifics of each Piano so you know that each one is perfectly balanced and toned.

Our Piano Specialists say this is a modern sounding upright from the usually more mellow manufacturer. More inexperienced players may find this instrument a little unforgiving if you are still improving your skills in producing a balanced touch, but experienced players will find it has an excellent response that they can really get the most out of.

Hoffmann Vario System Accessory

The Hoffmann Vario System is a digital mute that captures every detail of your playing dynamically transforming your acoustic piano into a digital instrument, empowering you to perform without disturbing anyone. Designed to be unobtrusive the control panel slides out from under the left-hand side of the keyboard, giving you a large touchscreen where you can access different instrument sounds, volume controls, recording options and other settings.


  • Iron frame of high-quality design and engineering, cast in a furan mould
  • Large soundboard, carefully processed to optimise sound diffusion
  • Back frame for optimal rigidity, grand pianos with reinforced beech multiplex
  • Chrome fittings and chrome-like cast iron frame
  • Ribs of the soundboard extended to the bass zone and provided with a resonance bar
  • Long bridge of the grands hollowed to minimise energy loss
  • Professional voicing of the hammerheads by concert technicians


  • Height - 126cm
  • Width - 150cm
  • Depth - 63cm
  • Weight - 252kg
  • Finish - Available in Black


    150 cm
    63 cm
    126 cm

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