Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario
Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario
Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario
Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario
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Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario
Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario
Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario
Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario

Zimmermann Studio S2 Vario

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The smallest piano in the Studio line. But the same great sound...and now silent!

At first sight, the Studio S 2 VARIO appears to be a chic and great-sounding, yet perfectly normal acoustic Zimmermann piano. Just like the Studio S 2, in fact. Which it is – but it’s much more as well. Because on second glance, on the bottom left edge of the keyboard, you will find a small black box. And that’s the crux of it. Behind this control panel lies a quietly-spoken power pack of digital potential.

Your perfect introduction to the wonderful world of the piano

The smallest of the Zimmermann lineup, the Studio S2 is an allround joy to both the eyes and ears. With the Studio S 2, C.Bechstein have rolled out an acoustic piano that meets the stringent quality standards of their expert piano crafters and that produces a fantastic sound at a truly great price.

Silent Play For You And Everyone Around You

So how does the VARIO work exactly? Very simply: it means you can also play your piano via headphones! The hammers that normally make the acoustic instrument sound clear and loud are adjusted with the VARIO so that your Studio S 2 VARIO remains muted if desired. This rather smart electronics system ensures the transition to a great sound that you can hear directly via headphones – while your fingers feel nothing because your playing style still relies completely on your natural acoustic ear.

But the mute function is just one of the many benefits of your Studio S 2 VARIO, because it also offers creatives everywhere great digital opportunities with apps designed for you to learn more and have fun!

Alongside premium quality and a fantastic sound, the Studio S 2 has even more to offer: it is pleasingly compact, boasts stunning good looks, and has a timeless design that looks equally wonderful in a child’s room as a stylish living room. The soft-close function ensures that the lid closely very, very slowly and so protects fingers.


    149 cm
    59 cm
    114 cm

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