Easy Classical Piano Songs For Beginners

Easy Classical Piano Songs For Beginners

Delving into the world of classical music for the new piano player can seem like a rather daunting task. After all, many consider classical music and those who compose it to be some of the most pioneering works within musical history. It was during this period where many began to truly discover the voice of the piano and what one is able to do with it.

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Whilst this may be true that classical composers were amidst the most talented pianists to have ever lived, that doesn’t mean that these iconic pieces should be restricted to only the skilled and there are still plenty of magnificent and instantly recognisable piano pieces to be played by the total beginner.

Today we’re diving fingers first into these wonderfully welcoming pieces in order to help inspire new players to learn and realise that with just a little practice and determination, anything can be achieved! Whilst these may not all be fully original versions of these pieces, there are plenty of examples where these pieces can be simplified down without losing their magic.

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Beethoven: Für Elise

There are few who don’t know the initial notes of Für Elise, perhaps one of Beethoven’s most cherished pieces. The piece is short, captivating and features such an iconic movement throughout that it is one that easily impresses those who hear it as well as feeling incredibly satisfying for the player.

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Mozart: Sonata No. 16 (Sonata Facile)

Mozart’s works are famed for being incredibly recognisable as well as being highly influential in the shaping of classical music. That being said, even he admired the new piano player!

In fact, this particular Sonata was written with the new player in mind, with Facile meaning ‘easy’. Whilst not a straight walk in the park, this is a sensational piece for getting comfortable with the keys on the piano. This is a great piece for beginners, or intermediate players who want to play a beautiful piece of Mozart without the breakneck semi-quavers.

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Einaudi: Primavera

Recently crowned the best selling composer of all time, Einaudi’s prowess knows no limits and his works are just as mesmerising as they are accessible. In his ‘Primavera’, which translates to ‘Springtime’, this simple, meditative piece for solo piano is wonderfully satisfying to play.

Detailed enough to feel incredibly rewarding yet delicate and open enough to be able to leave an exceptional amount to the imagination.

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Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Perhaps best known for its use at weddings, Canon in D is perhaps one of the most beloved songs out there for new pianists, even though it was originally composed for strings, the piano version has become unbelievably popular.

The piece features eight chords that repeat in the left-hand, while the right-hand starts with a simple, pleasing melody and then increases in complexity as the piece progresses, meaning this is a sensational piece for those looking to develop their hand independence and coordination.

Beethoven: ‘Moonlight’ Sonata (I)

Deep, mysterious and incredibly rewarding, the Moonlight sonata is perhaps the best known of his 32 piano sonatas. Combining beautiful repetition with elegance and poise, the sonata is perhaps the perfect starting point for new pianos .

Instantly recognisable, highly satisfying to perform and even better as a piece to build into a full movement, this is an exceptional place to begin your piano journey.

Debussy: Clair De Lune

Debussy’s works are often considered to be some of the more detailed out there, however his ‘Clair de Lune’ is one such example that sets the bar of what beginner-intermediate players can achieve with a littler perseverance and dedication.

This haunting piano work is for any intermediate players out there. And if you’re a beginner, this is a great piece to work towards.

So there we have it, just a few simple titles to get your piano creativity flowing and to prove that even the most beautiful and subtle of piano pieces can become accessible to the complete beginner. Want to learn more about classical? Read our guide to our
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