How Music Helps Children Develop!

Music has the power to change the world and at Millers, we love celebrating the impact that it has on children and young people’s developing lives. Whether it be: At school, in garage bands, singing in the car, or even just listening to records from your bedroom, music remains a natural part of our lives that means so much to so many.

We want to celebrate the wonders of music by sharing just SOME of the incredible benefits that it brings children, so whether you’re a music teacher looking to inspire your students, or a parent keen to introduce music into your child’s life, this is a great place to start!


There has been plenty of research on the impact that music has on brain development and largely, many studies land at the same conclusion: Music is AMAZING for helping enhance language, reading and coordination skills. One study by the National Association of Music Merchants Foundation (NAMM) even found that learning to play a musical instrument was even able to correlate with enhancing mathematical learning in children.

Not only does music help on an academic level, but it has also been shown that music, and learning an instrument such as violin, saxophone or piano can even enhance numerous social changes on a child's development. Allowing children to play as part of a group, orchestra or even just in a 1:1 teaching environment, encourages children to build relationships, connection with each other and an appreciation for the arts.

If you would like further help choosing the right instrument for your child or student, our team would love to help!


Music For Fun!

As we’re sure you’ll agree: Music brings us joy. In fact, it brings us a whole host of emotions! Have you ever heard a young child ask to play the same song over and over and over again? As frustrating as it may be for adults, that is a sign of pure joy and self expression.

The emotional effects of music are incredibly powerful, but for many, from infancy to teenhood and into our adult lives, music can be enjoyed as something to dance, sway, bounce and clap along to. It encourages expression, creativity and a sense of accomplishment that few other skills reward us with.

Music For Changing Lives!

Music charities and organisations such as Music For All, Youth Music and Children’s Music Fund to name a few continue to provide musical education and therapy for young people across the nation. Music has been shown as a fantastic tool for children with troubled backgrounds or those who live in lower income environments as a tool for escapism and mental wellbeing. It doesn’t take long to find examples of famous artists such as Rizzle Kicks Jordan Stephes, who used Brighton music charity AudioActive as a way to stay clear of drugs and used his time to instead focus on music.

In our (rather biased) opinion, there is absolutely no reason to not encourage children of all ages to become involved in music.

It continues to be something that many of us can enjoy from the moment we are born. At Millers, we want to help enhance the musical journey for both teachers and students alike: From hearing your child or student’s first concert, to seeing them develop a whole host of new friendships and sense of community, music learning is as much a rewarding part of any parent’s or teacher’s life as it is for the child!

Or for more information on choosing the right instrument for your child, get in touch today!


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