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Truly Unique Interactive Piano Silent Systems

Join the silent revolution. Simply plug in your headphones, switch the lever and play your piano in complete silence with the Kioshi Interactive Silent Piano System. No longer is disturbing others, or others disturbing you a cause for concern, with Kioshi you can now practice any time you want.

Thanks to cutting edge innovation and technological advancement, this revolutionary system can be installed or retro-fitted in almost any 88 key upright piano by our expert technicians, regardless of it's age. 

How It Works

Our experts have been specially trained to be able to install Kioshi silent systems on almost any piano with next to no intrusive work needed. After carefully removing the keys of your piano, a hyper-sensitive mute rail is installed will catch the piano hammer right before it hits.

These sensors then use the latest technology to sense how fast, slow, delicately or quickly the key is being pressed and transfers every detail of your touch into high quality MIDI data that is then sent directly into your headphones. Creating serene sound that is completely silent to the outside world, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in sound! 

Acoustic Prowess, Digital Connectivity

Give your piano an entire new lease of life as you cycle through the 125 samples of pianos from around the world, each with their own character and endearing virtues. For those who are in need of some further inspiration, the Kioshi Interactive Silent System also offers different demo songs that you can listen to and play along with to keep your creativity flowing.

From the build-in metronome to helps you to stay in the right rhythm to the additional headphone jack for easy duets, the Kioshi is truly a system to share with others.

Likewise, embrace the realm of recording possibility with thanks to in built recording and Bluetooth connectivity features. Simply navigate the Kioshi’s elegant user friendly interface, press the record button and save your own masterpieces. Play them directly through your headphones or connect your devices via bluetooth, cable or directly into your MIDI recording software.

Minimal Impact On Your Instrument

We know how important your instrument is to you and how delicate some instruments can be. Each of our technicians have invested thousands upon thousands of hours exploring instruments of all shapes, sizes, conditions and ages.

Thanks to innovate design, the Kioshi Interactive Silent Piano System can be installed on almost any existing acoustic piano and requires just two small holes to be placed into the piano to secure the system in place to avoid the sensors moving whilst playing.

These holes are precisely drilled into the body of the piano such not to affect the sound and cannot be seen at all after installation, the only visible change to your piano is the sleek and slimline interface under the right side of the piano so you can have total peace of mind knowing your instrument is in safe hands.