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Represented as the mid-range of the C.Bechstein piano family, W.Hoffmann pianos are a sister brand to the mighty German manufacturers and with them, deliver an iconic level of precision and a sense for perfection in mind.

W. Hoffmann pianos was founded in 1904 in Berlin by Wilhelmine Sophia Friederike Hoffmann and purchased by C.Bechstein. This fusion of heritage and C.Bechstein’s quest for perfection has left W.Hoffmann in an incredibly unique place, offering a more price friendly premium instrument that still does not compromise on either quality or tonality.

All W.Hoffmann pianos are built in their Czech factory in Hradec Králové.. Immaculate in design, touch and production, the W.Hoffmann range is a beauty to behold. The result is a truly austentatious instrument that exudes existite taste and sound design wherever it touches.

Each of the key W.Hoffmann ranges include a number of upright and grand models. Starting with the Vision series, the Traditional series and the Professional series, all of which differ in subtle nuances to help maximise expression and personality in these incredible instruments. 

W.Hoffmann Vision

The Vision line represents the starting point of W.Hoffmann pianos and as the name implies, is designed at helping those with a passion for piano unleash their true vision and expression.

The entire Vision lineup is signature for carrying an immensely bold sound; great richness, a vast dynamic range, and a touch that is extremely light and agile.

A larger proportion of European components also find their way into these Vision pianos. The piano’s bridge and hammers are made in Germany by C. Bechstein, and the massive pinewood used for the case is sourced in Europe. In addition to this, the stringing is done in-house at the Czech factory.

Common features of the W. Hoffmann Vision line include maple-cored hammerheads made in-house by C. Bechstein, climate-resistant solid-spruce soundboards, Czech hand-wound bass strings with 95% copper purity, a light key action that is optimised to meet European standards, and a celeste pedal that muffles the sound of the piano - often referred to as a practice pedal.

The Vision upright pianos are wonderful instruments for those that are returning to playing piano after a lengthy absence or for those who are ready to discover a new level of sensation within their play. The light key action makes it incredibly easy to access the full dynamic range that these pianos offer, as well as a grace and fluidity that help enable the playing of more active or demanding music. The extensive voicing work on these instruments provide a sound that has fantastic depth, excellent definition, and precision.

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W.Hoffmann Tradition

The Tradition line of W.Hoffmann pianos are the mid-point in the brand. Enhanced production goes into these instruments, with every component for a Tradition line piano being sourced in Europe, making the warmth and tone of these instruments incredibly romantic.

This deliberate approach to material selection and traditional production gives W.Hoffmann Tradition pianos an impeccable tonal colouration; a more cohesive bass-region of the piano combines with stronger overtone content in the treble-region to vastly improve the range of tonal characteristics, as well as a modest improvement in dynamic range. 

The action of Tradition pianos is heavier than the equivalent Vision piano, but also has far greater responsiveness and speed, making these a better fit for proficient instrumentalists.

Common features of the W Hoffmann Tradition line include mahogany-cored hammerheads made in-house by C. Bechstein, Ciresa AA solid-spruce soundboards, Czech hand-wound bass strings with German-spec 99% copper purity, a highly-precise keyboard action, and a celeste pedal that muffles the sound of the piano - often referred to as a practice pedal.

The Tradition upright pianos are well-suited for proficient instrumentalists looking for an instrument with a broad colour palette, as well as those that are looking for a forever-piano. 

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W.Hoffmann Professional

The Professional line of pianos from W.Hoffmann sits at the very top of the catalogue. Built over the course of five to six months, these pianos are built with the same quality of parts you would find in C. Bechstein’s Academy pianos, giving the end user a concert-optimised piano with incredible richness and poise.

The tone of Professional instruments tends to be slightly darker than the Tradition line, yet they retain the same broad dynamic range. These pianos are also tuned for increased projection thanks to custom-built bridges and the inclusion of agraffes to all Professional uprights. Furthermore, the action for Professional pianos starts in the C. Bechstein factory in Seifhennersdorf before it’s sent over to the W. Hoffmann factory, improving the leverage and control the pianist has over the piano.

Common features of the W. Hoffmann Professional line include mahogany-cored hammerheads made in-house by C. Bechstein, Ciresa AAA solid-spruce soundboards, Czech hand-wound bass strings with German-spec 99% copper purity, C. Bechstein keyboard and action, and polished black casework with chrome fittings as standard.

Mysterious, dark music sits beautifully on these instruments (from the likes of Ravel, Debussy, or Scriabin) and the care given by the 160-strong work force in Hradec Králové provides a long-term musical companion of incredible sensitivity and expressivity.

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