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Established in 1884 near Leipzig, Germany. Zimmermann today exists as part of the C.Bechstein estate, producing sensational grand and upright pianos in their pristine factory in Ngibao, China. 

Being built in China to assist cost, does not lessen the impact these instruments make and has made the Zimmermann range vastly more affordable to wider audiences. From start to finish, the entire process is overseen by C.Bechstein's master technicians as part of C.Bechstein's Quality Management System ensuring the some of the finest and most consistent pianos from China. 

Zimmermann pianos are an intriguing proposition as they are built in such a way to rival equivalent instruments by other Asian manufacturers. However, European design and influences radiate through every part of these instruments, creating a piano that strives for a warmth of tone and breadth of dynamic range that you will be hard pressed to find from the competition. 

Common features of Zimmermann pianos include solid spruce soundboards, locally-sourced mahogany-cored hammerheads, German strings made by Röslau, polished black casework, and a celeste pedal that muffles the sound of the piano - often referred to as a practice pedal. Zimmermann pianos offer an exquisite entry into the world of premium, high quality acoustic and grand pianos, and we have been consistently impressed with the quality that these pianos exude. 

Zimmermann S-Series

The Zimmermann S-series represents the entry level into the C.Bechstein estate and with it brings its own sense of mystery to be discovered. The S-series upright pianos are designed by C. Bechstein in Germany, and are then fulfilled by the Hailun Piano factory in China. The choice of factory is significant, as the Hailun Piano factory is one of the country’s smaller ones; this allows the resident C. Bechstein Master Technicians to keep a closer eye on quality control, ensuring that the pianos that reach Europe play as they should.

This influence and design procedure make the S-Series full of life and offers a warmth of tone and breadth of dynamic range that you will be hard pressed to find from other manufacturers at this price point. 


These pianos are available directly from China, but we opt for instruments that have passed through the W.Hoffmann factory in Hradec Králové, where their expert technicians undertake extra voicing and regulation work before they reach us.

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Zimmermann Z-Series

Much like the S-series, the Zimmermann Z-series grand pianos are immaculately designed by C.Bechstein in Germany, and are then fulfilled by Hailun Pianos.

Zimmermann grand pianos are intended to compare favourably against equivalent Indonesian-built instruments of similar price points, however too bring with them this unique tone that can only be described as ‘simply Zimmermann’.

These Z-series pianos strive for European ideals of tone and touch; thanks to their German designs, they exhibit a far warmer and smoother sound signature than most, making them ideal for bringing out the true expression within your play, from the likes of Bach to Beethoven, the Z-Series more than brings a unique sense of colour.

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