The Top 4 Piano Retreats In The UK

The Top 4 Piano Retreats In The UK

Our goal at Millers is to continuously inspire more and more people to fall in love with piano playing, offering guidance and tips on aspects of playing that they perhaps hadn't considered before.

We often have clients come to us looking to take their piano playing to the next level or who are looking for ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life in order to focus their passions for playing. One fantastic option for those looking to take some time to relax, improve their piano playing and discover new techniques and piano philosophies is to consider trying a piano retreat.

Much like yoga or meditation retreats, piano retreats offer an incredibly exciting opportunity for pianists to remove all distractions from around them, get away from their typical surroundings and purely focus on their playing for a weekend, a week or even a full fortnight.

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These retreats often feature either expert tuitions and masterclasses to help improve your piano technique, or 1:1 sessions with a tutor in order to explore the areas that you would like to learn more about. They are typically accompanied by either a large or concert sized grand piano, meaning these retreats give the opportunity to be able to play on instruments not usually at your disposal in sensational in picturesque settings that will help inspire relaxation and creativity. 


Today we will be exploring a series of UK based piano retreats that each bring their own unique flair to the piano playing pursuit to offer you some inspiration on what you may be able to gain from visiting a piano retreat.

Piano Sanctuary - Suffolk:

Located in a simply breathtaking location of the historical Leiston Abbey, a beautiful 14th Century building that inspires no end of romance and history in the midst of the Suffolk countryside, Piano Sanctuary allows all participants enjoy a mixed daily schedule of individual and group piano tuition, enhanced opportunities including postural coaching and yoga, and the opportunity to perform in concerts.

With up to 6 hours of tuition available each day (3 hours on Friday), and a further 2 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday of enhanced opportunities, there is plenty to explore and learn. What makes the sanctuary particularly lovely too is their emphasis on socialism and  their famous ‘Champagne and Jazz’ evenings, along with other themed nights are an excellent opportunity to meet like minded individuals and learn as part of a collective, breaking down the illusion that piano is a solitary pursuit. The full board package caters for all dietary needs with delicious food prepared by Leiston Abbey’s chefs using locally sourced ingredients.

Price: ££


Finchcocks - Kent

Set within an area of outstanding natural beauty and surrounded by oast houses and hop fields, Finchcocks offers a sublime experience for those looking to add a real sense of prestige and grandeur to their piano retreats. With multiple (9 in fact!) concert grands from Steinway, C.Bechstein and Bosendorfer at your fingertips, you can wish the weekend away in sheer luxury.

Whilst Finchcocks does have masterclasses, concerts and sessions running throughout the year, for those looking to create their own retreat for family, friends and other piano enthusiasts, this is the location for you as the facilities are available for private hire. All they require is a group of 8 guests, which will include luxury accommodation, tuition from one of our highly skilled tutors as well as a selection of excursions according to your requirements

Truly a once in a lifetime and unforgettable experience, Finchcocks is a sensational choice for those looking for that fairytale piano trip.

Price: £££

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Piano Weekends By Charlotte Tomlinson - Oxford

Immerse yourself in a rich, inspirational weekend packed with learning about the piano, repertoire and performance from an internationally renowned teacher and coach. Piano tutor and performance coach Charlotte Tomlinson has gone above and beyond in crafting her own piano weekend retreat.

The teaching sessions, with between 6-8 participants, take place in Charlotte’s music studio, which has a Steinway model ‘O’ piano. Each participant having 15-20 minutes of tuition at a time in rotation, in a masterclass format, with a few short break-out discussions on key topics.

Ideally suited for those who are conservatoire or university piano students; advanced adult amateurs – roughly equivalent to a playing standard of Grade 8 and above; semi-professional or professional pianists, this is an incredibly exciting opportunity to pick the brains of a performing pianist and coach in order to bring elements of nuance and charm into your piano playing.

Enjoy engaging conversations with like-minded people over delicious meals and wine all in the beautiful Oxford countryside.

Price: £

Learn more about Charlotte’s teaching style here:


Lot Music - East Sussex

For those looking for a tried and tested retreat, it doesn’t get much more tested than Lot Music, who have been hosting piano retreats and summer piano schools for over 23 years.

With the ethos is to create a relaxed ambiance giving pianists a chance to join a like-minded group, to be taught by exceptional high profile teachers and to gain confidence in performing all amidst a stunning rustic country cottage setting in which to relax.

With two resident tutors offer inspiration & confidence to those less familiar with playing to others, as well as responding to the needs of the advanced players. Lot Music is truly a retreat for all.

Featuring 2 Grand pianos and 5 Uprights to practise on, this weekend will offer no end of musicality and conversation. Advanced players can expect a platform to give one of the evening recitals whilst learners can receive supportive coaching at every stage. It is aimed at adult pianists and would suit piano teachers, amateurs, or anyone with a passion for playing the piano. 

Tuition will be a combination of masterclasses and private lessons. The choice of repertoire is free. In the teaching room there are two pianos allowing for concerto or two piano works. 

Price: ££££

We hope this list has offered a wonderful introduction to the world of piano retreats and how you can use your time to unlock you passions. To learn more about piano playing and further tips to optimise your practice times, why not explore our blog, or if you are in need of a new instrument or are perhaps ready to part exchange or upgrade your current piano, our experts are here to help!


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